Gear List - specific to our wild pig hunts



Everyone is a little different however in my opinion good boots are one of the best pieces of gear you can have. Cowboy boots, slip-ons, flat bottomed tennis shoes etc… are not going to generally be your friend on a hunt especially in steep terrain. Come prepared with great footwear (& socks) that fit right, that are broken in & that you can hike miles in on uneven terrain. On longer hunting trips I always have at least two pair of good boots on hand. My boots of choice are Zamberlan Guide GTX.

Hunting Equipment

Test out everything you own in situations you may find yourself in. Be proficient in using equipment such as range finders or nocking an arrow without looking, practice makes perfect right? If your equipment is tuned in and you’ve practiced enough then you’re ready, you certainly do not need to have the most expensive equipment but it definitely pays to have the most practice. Good binos and a bino harness that fit right will pay off as well as clothing that matches the weather you’ll be hunting in. PRACTICE WITH THE BROADHEADS OR ROUNDS YOU’LL BE HUNTING WITH. I like Maven Optics, Bowtech, Kudu Point Broadheads, FHF Gear, First Lite, Kuiu, Sitka & Sig Sauer Rangefinders. I get all of my bow work done at West Coast Archery Shop. There are tons of great options, use what you know works for you.


Game MEAT Care

If you take an animal & you’re not near a road then it’s best to have a great internal or external frame pack to get the animal out. To do this you’ll want a good knife with sharpener, a small hand saw & game bags to keep the meat clean & bug free. Maybe even a pulley set up to get the animal off the ground. At the end of the hunt you’ll want a cooler larger enough to fit all of the meat, generally it needs to be 65-100 quarts or larger per animal. I personally like Kifaru International, Kuiu, Outdoor Edge & RTIC.

Food & Water

If you’re out hunting all day or just going out in the mornings & evenings you’re still going to want to have proper nutrition & hydration. Be prepared with lots of water generally stored in Camelbaks or Nalgenes for your pack’s water bottle holders. Snack bars, jerky & nuts are great but don’t forget about good wholesome meat & greens when you can get it. Its goes a long ways to prevent losing motivation & energy. If you’re looking for the extra edge definitely check out Wilderness Athlete.