Wild Pig Hunting in California

Greetings -

What a journey it’s been. I first started hunting wild pigs in California around 2010 or 2011 on public land & immediately became obsessed with the bizarre-ness of hunting such an animal. I finally figured out some things, mostly became a lot more persistent & started becoming successful on public land with my bow & taking quite a few wild pigs. Persistence and networking then led to gaining private land access, guiding for outfitters & then finally getting my own place to run hunts on. A dream come true !!

I have some additional projects in the works for lower cost guided, semi guided & hunt along/filmed deer & pig hunts but what I definitely do have to offer is an amazing 9000 acre ranch in Mariposa & Madera county. Ya, just outside of Yosemite, down in the rolling oak foothills of the Sierra’s. Amazing! I have never been to a property quite like this, it’s meant for bowhunting wild pigs. Just to clarify it’s not one of those places you drive around in a truck, get out and shoot but a place where you can engage in some true spot & stalk action, playing the wind and trying to get in close. You’ll be hunting & hopefully you get a bit worn out! Personally I’ve never seen anything else quite like it and I truly am blessed to have met the people I’ve met to be able to bring it to you.

Hunts have filled up fast & to keep the wild pig action hot we’ve decided to make it archery only (save a few exceptions) and to only do a limited amount of hunts, maybe only 10 per year. We’ll see how the first few go and base it off that. Until then thank you everyone for your support and I look forward to joining you in the field.


Shadowtrekker Adventures



charles whitwam